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Night Opening of Metros in Paris !

Published: September 12, 2019

Cities like Copenhagen, Berlin or Stockholm open their public transport network all night long for the great delight of their inhabitants and visitors.

The city of Paris decided to implement a experiment period throught “Les Nuits Festives” to increase night mobility.

From September 14th of 2019, public transports will be partially opened one Saturday per month during 6 months.

More than 75 stations on 6 different lines, 3 tramway lines and various Noctilien (buses) are concerned, including the Station Charles de Gaulle Etoile, located 10 minutes walking from the Hôtel Victor Hugo Paris Kléber.

These “Nuits Festives” are planes on the following Saturdays : 14th of September, 19th of Octobrer, 9th of November, 18th of January, 15th of February and 14th of March.

A nice opportunity to discover bars, restaurants and nightlife in Paris.